Famous Temples in Udaipur

A view via a well carved lattice window of an elaborate edifice

A trip to Udaipur does not have to be limited to visiting breathtaking palaces or strolling by the lake during sunset. There are several temples in Udaipur scattered throughout the city which have a lot of history and are worth a visit.

Shree Jagdish Temple

Udaipur palace

Built by Maharana Jagat Singh in 1651, the three-storey Shree Jagdish Temple is among the most famous temples in Udaipur. It is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and was constructed in the Indo-Aryan style of architecture. The tall temple can be easily spotted from far away thanks to the spires which are adorned with beautiful sculptures. Located in the City Palace complex, the temple is best visited during sunset as the golden rays of the sun bathe it in a beautiful golden glow.

Eklingji Temple


If you wish to go further away from the city, Eklingji Temple is one of the oldest and most magnificent temples around Udaipur. Built in 743 AD by Bappa Rawal, the two-storey structure houses a five-faced Shivlinga made of black marble. This 8th-century temple is worth a detour, given its beautiful architecture that has been renovated over the years by different rulers of the kingdom.

Bohra Ganesh Temple

Ganesh idol

Bohra Ganesh Temple in Udaipur is 350 years old and is situated right next to Mohanlal Sukhadia University. This is a highly revered place by the locals as devotees believe if they write about their problems on a piece of paper and offer it to Lord Ganesh, their problems would miraculously be solved.

Ambamata Temple

amba mata idol

According to local stories, Maharana Raj Singh, who ruled from 1652 to 1680, once suffered from severe eye problems for which he could find no cure. He was advised to pray to Ambika Mata at a temple in Gujarat. However, in a dream, the Goddess instructed him not to make the long journey but to go to a different location instead. Upon visiting this location and digging into the ground, an idol of the Goddess was found. Maharana Raj Singh then built a temple at that site, and his ailment was miraculously cured.

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