Romantic Hotel in Udaipur

Nestled in the heart of the enchanting city of Udaipur, Parallel Hotel beckons couples seeking an unforgettable romantic getaway and families wanting a vacation. With its blend of opulent luxury, fine dining, and captivating design, Parallel Hotel stands as a premier choice for those in pursuit of a truly romantic experience, comfort and arguably one of the best hotel in Udaipur for couples.

Luxurious Accommodations

Parallel Hotel boasts 55 meticulously designed rooms and suites that cater to various tastes and preferences. Each room is a work of art, drawing inspiration from diverse themes such as Art Deco, Bollywood, Contemporary, Hollywood and industrial design. These lavish abodes set the stage for a romantic retreat and a family vacation, offering the perfect blend of comfort and style, making it probably the best place to stay in Udaipur for couples.

A king bed inside a room at Parallel hotel with a view of the city from the floor to ceiling glass window , with all the modern aminities , lamp at the side table  and a beautiful scenic beauty at Parallel Hotel  Udaipur
View of the sun setting from the infinity deck in Udaipur - Parallel Hotel, Udaipur

Culinary Delights

At Parallel Hotel, romance intertwines seamlessly with gastronomy. The hotel is home to four exquisite in-house restaurants.
  • Taro: Elevate your romantic experience at Taro, where Mediterranean cuisine meets breathtaking views. Whether it's a candlelit dinner under the stars or a cosy lunch for two, Taro's ambience sets the perfect stage for romance.
  • Firki: Explore the flavours of India and China with delectable vegetarian dishes. Firki is the ideal choice for couples who appreciate the rich tapestry of Asian cuisine.
  • H Lounge: Unwind with your loved one in the premium lounge, offering an array of signature drinks and vegetarian delicacies in a tranquil atmosphere.
  • Infinity Deck: Make your romantic moments even more special by booking a private dining experience at the rooftop Infinity Deck. Personalised service and panoramic views create an intimate setting for couples.

Luxury Amenities for Couples

Parallel Hotel understands the importance of pampering couples. Inside the hotel, you'll find a spa, salon and gym area where you and your partner can indulge in relaxation, rejuvenation and wellness activities.

View of a hotel spa with spa beds, side curtains, and elegant decor, at Parallel Hotel Udaipur
A girl looking out of a balcony of an old palace of the amazing view of the city of Udaipur

Central Location

Situated in the city centre, Parallel Hotel provides easy access to Udaipur's most iconic attractions, making it convenient for couples & families to explore the city's cultural heritage and scenic beauty.

Special Offers for a Memorable Stay

To enhance your romantic escape and vacation, Parallel Hotel offers enticing packages and discounts. Whether it's a rejuvenation package at the spa or significant savings on your stay, the hotel ensures that your experience is not only memorable but also great value for money.

Two guys shaking their hands with chairs and tables in the background

Parallel Hotel in Udaipur redefines the essence of a romantic getaway & family vacation. With its luxurious accommodations, world-class dining options, impeccable amenities, central location and exclusive offers, it stands as the perfect choice for couples seeking a romantic escape and families for a vacation. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, a honeymoon, or simply the joy of togetherness, Parallel Hotel promises an enchanting experience you'll cherish forever. Book your romantic retreat or vacation today and create timeless memories with your beloved in the heart of Udaipur.