Themes at Parallel Hotel, Udaipur


Art Deco

The Art deco collection boasts of detailed craftsmanship and timeless design aesthetic. The stunning rooms have been designed with many thoughtful, luxurious touches. The closer you look, the more there is to see. The personally selected antique pieces, mellow tones with geometric lines are a byword of understated elegance. The magnificent view of the city and lake set the scene for a truly special time as expected by the modern luxury traveller.



Live the elite lifestyle with personalized Bollywood touches in our opulent rooms designed to enjoy the romance of life. The spectacular suites wrap the kinetic spirit of Hindi cinema that’s ageless and electric. Bring a big variety of settings and moods of movies, from extravagant to quirky in our spacious star-studded rooms. The Bollywood inspired artwork and furnishings make the rooms a delightful cocoon to luxuriate in. It is a new state of restfulness where old classic marries the new Bollywood charm.



Timeless yet modern, redefine luxury and comfort in our collection of hotel rooms with sleek furniture and lush bedding, all chosen with today’s traveller in mind. The contemporary style furnishings and minimal surroundings, are high on function and simplicity. Guests can revel in the striking views of the city or lake while getting a healthy dose of sunlight in their artfully chosen spaces.



The light and airy rooms celebrate vintage charm and grace of old Hollywood. The space’s unique sense of style and sheer luxury epitomizes the classic glamour. Celebrate Hollywood’s golden age with lavish flair in our rooms with an exclusive setting making it ideal for families too. Lounge like a movie star in our suite that wraps the Hollywood’s elegance with modern touches.



Discover the true admiration for wood in our cutting-edge industrial design rooms which are architecturally unique in their own way. The eye-catching artwork and intuitive design prioritize experience over excessive ornament. The distinctive vibe and rustic modern rooms create a perfect setup to revitalize after a day out in the city. The accommodations have been specifically designed to inspire and enrich the stay of modern explorers.

*Please note that themes are subject to availability.