Famous Food of Udaipur

poeple flocking to the street food stalls in udaipur with people cooking on big vessels

Udaipur is not just a feast for the eyes with its majestic palaces and shimmering lakes but also a haven for food lovers. The city's culinary scene is a rich tapestry of flavours, spices, and traditions, reflecting the royal heritage and diverse cultural influences. Let's take a gastronomic journey through Udaipur's famous street food and local delicacies and discover where to stay for the perfect Udaipur experience.

Mirchi Bada

a close up shot of many mirchi badas in a bowl

Mirchi Bada, translating to "chilli fritter", is a dish consisting of whole green chilies, slit and filled with a seasoned potato mixture. This flavorful stuffing is enveloped in a batter of chickpea flour, creating a satisfying contrast in texture. The highlight is the deep frying, which turns the bada into a golden brown delight. The beauty of Mirchi Bada lies in its simplicity. Vendors often craft their own special spice mixes for the potato filling, giving each snack a unique touch. This piping hot treat is usually accompanied by a refreshing chutney, offering a pleasant counterpoint to the heat. While wandering the lively streets of Udaipur or taking a relaxed walk by the lake, be on the lookout for vendors offering Mirchi Bada. This affordable and tasty snack is an excellent way to savour Udaipur's culinary offerings and embrace the city's lively street food scene. For an authentic local taste, don't miss the Mini Mirchi Bada from Manak Balaji. This renowned stall, in operation since 1967, has a dedicated following and a distinctive recipe that keeps customers returning for more.

Dal Baati Churma

a close up shot of daal baati churma in a bowl with blue velvet cloth on the table

Dal Baati Churma, a local favourite in Rajasthan, is arguably the most famous street food in Udaipur. Vendors serve this hearty thali, or platter, at their stalls and carts, providing a taste of Rajasthani culinary heritage. At the heart of this dish are the Baatis, hard wheat rolls baked in a tandoor to a golden brown hue. These crispy orbs are then immersed in a flavorful Dal, a lentil curry infused with spices. The real delight is in breaking open the Baati, allowing the lentil curry to seep in. Balancing the savoury flavours is the Churma, a sweet crumbled wheat dessert enhanced with ghee, sugar, and cardamom, adding both texture and a sweet note to the meal. To round off the Dal Baati Churma experience, don't miss the accompaniments like chopped onions, a splash of lemon, and perhaps a zesty green chutney.


a close up shot of kachori with dips on the side and chutney next to it

Kachori shines brightly in Udaipur's lively street food landscape. This crispy, deep fried delicacy is not your average fritter, coming in a range of enticing fillings that make it a versatile snack suitable for any time of day. The most renowned kachori in Udaipur is the pyaz kachori, a golden ball stuffed with a savoury mixture of spiced onions and aromatic spices. Its crisp exterior gives way to a flavourful explosion with every bite. Vendors often serve these kachoris hot, accompanied by various chutneys that provide a tangy and refreshing contrast to the savoury filling. While pyaz kachori holds the top spot, there are other tempting varieties to discover. Dal kachori boasts a hearty filling of lentils, offering a more substantial option. For those with a sweet tooth, some vendors present mawa kachori, a sweet variant filled with a rich milk-based concoction. Regardless of your choice, kachori offers an affordable and tasty way to delve into the culinary wonders of Udaipur.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

a close up shot of Gatte Ki Sabzi kept in a plate with a naan next to it

Gatte Ki Sabzi, a delightful curry hailing from Rajasthan, holds a special place in Udaipur's culinary offerings. While this vegetarian dish is not exclusive to the city, it is a prominent feature in Udaipur's gastronomic landscape. The dish revolves around chickpea flour dumplings, known as gatte, cooked in a flavorful yoghurt based gravy. To make the gatte, a soft dough is crafted from chickpea flour, combined with spices like turmeric, coriander and red chilli powder, along with yoghurt and oil. This mixture is shaped into logs and cooked until they achieve a firm yet tender texture, resulting in pillowy dumplings. The gravy for Gatte Ki Sabzi is where the dish truly shines. A mixture of cumin seeds, ginger, garlic and onions is sautéed to release their aromas. Yoghurt, spices and occasionally tomato puree are then added to form a rich and tangy sauce. The cooked gatte are gently simmered in this aromatic gravy, allowing them to soak up the delicious flavours. Gatte Ki Sabzi offers a harmonious blend of textures and flavours. The tender gatte complement the rich and aromatic gravy perfectly. The tangy yoghurt balances the warmth of the spices, resulting in a deeply satisfying dish. It pairs well with roti, phulka, or even plain rice, making it a wholesome and comforting meal.

Laal Maas

a close up shot of a dish called laal maas in a bowl

Laal Maas, meaning "red meat" in Hindi, is a renowned Rajasthani dish celebrated throughout the state and is particularly cherished in Udaipur. Its exact origins are a topic of debate, with some attributing it to the royal kitchens of both Jodhpur and the historic dynasties of Udaipur. This flavourful dish features mutton curry with its distinctive red colour, achieved through the generous use of powerful Mathania red chilies. The tender meat is cooked slowly in a rich gravy made of yoghurt, spices, and garlic, resulting in a layered and robust flavour that combines spiciness with savoury notes. The gravy's consistency can vary, with some places offering a thicker version and others a thinner one, both well suited for pairing with breads like wheat chapati or bajra roti, a millet bread commonly enjoyed during the colder months in Rajasthan. While Laal Maas traditionally used wild game like boar or deer, today mutton is the preferred choice, ensuring a consistently tender and flavourful dish. While the dish remains fiery, a modern adaptation is the use of a blend of spices, rather than relying solely on chilies, to enhance the meat's flavour. If you happen to be in Udaipur, don't miss the opportunity to indulge in this historic dish. From upscale restaurants to local street vendors, Laal Maas is an essential culinary experience for anyone looking to sample the flavours of Rajasthani cuisine.

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